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Learn Autodesk CAD/CAM/CAE for Mechanical Engineering from Autodesk. The demand ... A Right-Tech Cad Cam Solutions Specialization is a series of courses that helps you master a skill.

To begin, enroll in ... Graded Programming Assignments.


Power mill

Introduction & Interface Setting

Block & Work plane Setting

3D Operations Programming

Boundaries Use

Different types of finishing (20 types of finishing)

Tool & Toolpath Editing

Feed & Speed Calculations

Plunge / Safe Z height Calculations

Lead & Link Settings

Macro Creation

Conversion 2d Model to 3d workpiece

Drilling Operations

Creating Patterns

Use of exchanger software

NC Programming


Work NC Cam


Complete CAM Procedure

Stock Creation

Roughing Types

Finishing Strategies

2D Strategies

Drilling, Remaining Engraving

Tool path Edition

Holder Addition

Post processing Tool path


Final Project



CNC Feature & Axis

CNC Language

Control Panel & NC Key Board Detail 'G' Code 'M' Code

Operator Alarm

Incrimental Programming

Obsolute Programming



Vmc machine feature and axis detail

Vmc control panel and NC key board detail

G code and m code

Job setting on machine

Industrial programming

Canned cycle

Absolute and incremental programming

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